WordPress for Business Users

For years, I have tried to tell people that WordPress is “easy” — as in, “it’s just a web based word processor!”

On the other hand, who said word processors are easy? Haven’t you ever gotten lost in Microsoft Word’s menus and settings? I find it particularly frustrating when I used to know how to do something, except the buttons and menus must have changed in the latest “upgrade.” But I digress ….

I created this webinar and seminar series to teach how to avoid getting distracted by the techie details of WordPress and focus on creating a strong online presence for your business. One challenge: a lot of the tutorial content you will find online is written by web consultants and programmers for other web consultants and programmers. That can be frustrating if what you want to know is as simple as how to add a video to your home page.

The truth is WordPress is a powerful foundation for your business website, but its complexities can overpower and overwhelm business users. Yet I firmly believe it’s a mistake to run screaming into the comforting arms of a proprietary platform like Wix, which is easy to get started with but limiting in the long run.

Is WordPress a “web-based word processor” for blog posts and web pages? Yes, but one of the reasons for choosing WordPress is that it can also be a sales lead capture platform or an events marketing platform or lots of other things, depending on how you set it up. Having lots of options is great, but for starters you can keep things simple.

Simple is not always easy, but we can work on it together.

— David F. Carr